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  • The Houston Audio Society is a group of audio and music enthusiasts from the Houston metropolitan area. We hold monthly meetings to share ideas, listen to records and CD's, hear different types of...
    320 members Last activity 7 Dec
  • ORCHESTRALIST is an international forum for conductors, composers, players, and their colleagues in the orchestra business. Discussion on Orchestralist ranges over a variety of topics of interest to...
    1818 members Last activity 6 Dec
  • Dunbar's (Scotland) community choir, formed January 2008
    54 members Last activity 7 Dec
  • List for discussion of the John Peel radio show - featured bands, tracks played, the Festive 50, and the Peel Sessions.
    1012 members Last activity 5 Dec
  • Welcome to We_Love_ALL_Music We are here for everyone to share all kinds of music, stats, tags, tag requests, or anything else you can think of. This is your group and we are all going to have a...
    30 members Last activity 7 Dec
  • This is a mailing list for members to discuss topics primarily related to Rory Gallagher. TO JOIN: IMPORTANT!! PLEASE READ THIS!!!! NO members will be...
    466 members Last activity 7 Dec
  • We are sharing our knowledge about Tamil songs
    54 members Last activity 7 Dec
  • Welcome to the hits of now and then .... if you enjoy music - and don't want a heavy volume of mail, then this is the place, time and group for you! Only the owners will post and sends will vary - 2 to 5 a day - but maybe not every day. No participation is required...
    305 members Last activity 7 Dec
  • A group for the licensed buskers performing on London Underground to share information and opinions for mutual benefit Founder Glen McAllister Forum Representatives Lloyd...
    176 members Last activity 7 Dec
  • Ca Doan Tha'nh Linh - Cong Doan Thanh Giuse Giao Xu Saint Barbara Santa Ana, CA
    82 members Last activity 6 Dec