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  • The Canard Aviators list provides a method to exchange flight safety and aircraft performance information between canard aircraft pilots, builders, and owners.
    2688 members Last activity 10:49 pm
  • Welcome to the Stinson 108 series Aircraft Forum Forum Rules: - Only topic related to Stinson aircraft or related aviation issues. - Be polite. - You may post items for sale or...
    2043 members Last activity 9:01 pm
  • For discussion and exchange of information related to the Wittman Tailwind, Nesmith Cougar, and similar aircraft, like the Buttercup, Big X, Daphne, Fourrunner and O&O--focus is on...
    2156 members Last activity 4:23 pm
  • Titan Tornado Aircraft A large gathering of Titans at a Wisconsin fly-in. Join our group and find out why we're so passionate about what we feel is the BEST light aircraft produced. titanaircraft sport pilot plane...
    1946 members Last activity 9 Aug
  • Welcome to OUR Titan T-51 Mustang online community. (Photo by Galvin Conroy)
    2171 members Last activity 10:48 pm
  • Ercoupe, Aircoupe and Mooney M-10 aircraft beautiful and practical classic designs. Designed from 1937 through 1939, the production prototype was certificated in 1940. 112 prewar examples were produced. The...
    1157 members Last activity 7:30 pm
  • ATTENTION ALL NEW PERSONS WISHING TO JOIN THIS GROUP: When you apply to join this group, you ***MUST*** include your first name and your approximate location (state and/or country) in the...
    531 members Last activity 17 Aug
  • 4948Bravo, under my ownership, has been upgraded with Garmin 530 WAAS, GPSS, STEC 60-2 systems, good Nav/Coms and lots of redundancy. It flies as solid as the “Queen...
    181 members Last activity 9:30 pm
  • The Questair Venture is an all-metal, two seat, 300 mph cross country aircraft. Discussion relates to building, maintaining, modifying, and flying the Venture. Click to subscribe to ventureaircraft
    295 members Last activity 10 Aug
  • Located at Van Nuys Airport, the Eight Ball Flying Club has been in continuous operation for 60+ years!
    85 members Last activity 18 Aug