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  • The Canard Aviators list provides a method to exchange flight safety and aircraft performance information between canard aircraft pilots, builders, and owners.
    2681 members Last activity 11:37 am
  • Welcome to the Stinson 108 series Aircraft Forum Forum Rules: - Only topic related to Stinson aircraft or related aviation issues. - Be polite. - You may post items for sale or...
    2028 members Last activity 8:33 pm
  • For discussion and exchange of information related to the Wittman Tailwind, Nesmith Cougar, and similar aircraft, like the Buttercup, Big X, Daphne, Fourrunner and O&O--focus is on...
    2143 members Last activity 20 May
  • Titan Tornado Aircraft A large gathering of Titans at a Wisconsin fly-in. Join our group and find out why we're so passionate about what we feel is the BEST light aircraft produced. titanaircraft sport pilot plane...
    1938 members Last activity 5:33 pm
  • Ercoupe, Aircoupe and Mooney M-10 aircraft beautiful and practical classic designs. Designed from 1937 through 1939, the production prototype was certificated in 1940. 112 prewar examples were produced. The...
    1155 members Last activity 1:02 am
  • An eclectic group of Luscombe owners, pilots and admirers. We discuss everything and anything to do with Luscombe aircraft... and anything else that strikes our funny bones.
    1062 members Last activity 19 May
  • Dedicated to all the Fisher home built airplane enthusiast's and builders of FFP wooden aircraft, or FFP hobby builders sharing interest, opinions, help, and /or ideas in the interest of safety and fun. I welcome you to join!
    850 members Last activity 20 May
  • Welcome to OUR Titan T-51 Mustang online community. (Photo by Galvin Conroy)
    2160 members Last activity 6:22 pm
  • This Yahoo Group has been established for builders of Lynn Williams' "Flitzer" series of homebuilt biplanes to share information. For more information on the Flitzer, see http://www.flitzerbiplane...
    656 members Last activity 21 May
  • ATTENTION ALL NEW PERSONS WISHING TO JOIN THIS GROUP: When you apply to join this group, you ***MUST*** include your first name and your approximate location (state and/or country) in the...
    526 members Last activity 21 May