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  • Technical support forum for GenesisRadio transceiver kits. For kit ordering and online help tutorial please visit www.GenesisRadio.com.au General discussion about GenesisRadio kits welcome.
    2582 members Last activity 12 Jan
  • Welcome to SETriodes. Everyone who loves music and/or audio is welcome to join our audio forum. We don't care if your preference is tubes vs solid- state or vinyl vs digital. The only requirement of joining...
    1310 members Last activity 11 Jan
  • This group is dedicated to preserving, passing on, and passing around, knowledge of vacuum tube circuits and techniques. There is no such thing as a stupid question. This is not a sell, buy, or swap list...
    784 members Last activity 13 Jan
  • A list for fans of Roy Allison's speakers.
    636 members Last activity 12 Jan
  • Summits on The Air Australia(SOTA). The SOTA program originated in the UK and is now in Australia. Amateur Radio operators climb, walk or make their way to the top of...
    443 members Last activity 13 Jan
  • Discussion of electronics for beginners and experienced alike. Hopefully we can all exchange ideas, circuits, schematics, and pictures of all disciplines of electronics including both analog and digital...
    6315 members Last activity 12 Jan
  • The River City Audio Society of San Antonio is a diverse group of music and audio gear enthusiasts who gather monthly to listen, audition, and enjoy this hobby. The club has a varied membership in terms of...
    125 members Last activity 13 Jan
  • Development of Tandy Color Computer 3 in an FPGA
    413 members Last activity 13 Jan
  • A discussion area to support the growth of Ultralight MW Radio DXing
    1755 members Last activity 8 Jan
  • 75 years of MARCONI Instruments - August 2011 ---- Anything releated to the OLD but excellent Test & Measurement Instruments made by the well known British Firm "MARCONI...
    1098 members Last activity 13 Jan