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Does your LPFM station do podcasting? Invite to Local Podcasting Fac

I recently created a "Local Podcasting - Innovating with On-Demand Audio and Radio about Places" Facebook Group. I think making the podcast ecology more
Steven Clift
12 Jun

Re: Voice Booths

Hi Gavin Well superman uses a telephone box. Interesting concept using a car as a recording studio. Yep the acoustics would be good. I could use my Nissan leaf
Geoff Barkman
6 May

Facebook Group

I don't know if anyone else wants to interact more than just email but here's an LPFM Facebook Group. It was easier to create than I realised. lpfm.nz will
Gavin Stephens
6 May

Voice Booths

Who's gone to the great end of creating a nice sounding studio for voice recording or live broadcast work? I've been looking through Facebook hoping to come up
Gavin Stephens
6 May

Re: BZX7V5 Zener Diode

Hi Gareth, On the TX that’s humming, I’d tried removing the audio source and it still hums. I then used the same power supply on another transmitter which
Edwin Hermann
14 Apr

Re: Community Notices /PSAs

Sorry for the spamming. The first message showed up as “failed to post”, so I used my other account, and then they both came through. M From:
Michael Rowse
7 Apr

Community Notices/PSAs

Heya team, If you're a community based LPFM and would like to air the latest ads from the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, here is the download link:
Michael Rowse
7 Apr

Check out this Trade Me listing - Denon CD Carts

Thought someone here may be interested... LOTS of Denon cd carts.. https://www.trademe.co.nz/1294878376 Sent from my iPad
The Cheese (new)
7 Apr

Re: NRG Pro5 TX

I have thought about that, and at this stage IÆm planning to vary the supply to the final two transistors hopefully without running into saturation problems
Gareth Parker
26 Mar

Re: NRG Pro5 TX [1 Attachment]

Can the power output be adjustable? This is required to be legal depending on the antenna gain and coax loss etc. From: LPFM_Radio@yahoogroups.com.au
Ross Levis
26 Mar


Here is a photo of my NRG Pro5 TX prototype. IÆm hoping to have this in production very soon. This new version uses an ôat frequencyö oscillator so there
Gareth Parker
26 Mar
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Re: Stream Test

Loud and clear here too. Tried on my iPhone using Safari browser and works no problem. Gareth From: LPFM_Radio@yahoogroups.com.au
Gareth Parker
26 Mar

Re: Stream Test

Loud and clear in dunners 256k stereo... mp3 audio On Sat, Mar 25, 2017 at 9:10 PM, 'Gavin Stephens' gavin@... ... -- Cheers Geoff Barkman
Geoff Barkman
25 Mar

Re: Stream Test

Hi Gav...   Sounds ok at this end. Chris On Sunday, 26 March 2017 1:20 AM, "Music Radio Service mrs@... [LPFM_Radio]"
Chris Diack
25 Mar

Re: Stream Test

Sounds fine here in Stockhom, Sweden. Den 25 mars 2017 9:17 AM skrev "Chris Mackerell - World FM
Music Radio Service
25 Mar
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