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325MORE information on the CIHEC annual conference in Salzburg 2017

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  • haunton123.anna
    11 Jun

      Dear Members an Colleagues

      Here is some information sent through by Manuel Kuhn  regarding the CIHEC annual conference in Salzburg, 2017.

      In a few days we will start the annual conference of the CIHEC meeting in Salzburg.

      For those who will participate at the guided fortress tour on Monday evening: We will meet at 17:45 at Kapitelplatz. It is just on the right side of the cathedral. There is a big golden ball with a man standing on top of it. This is the meeting point for the tour.

      After the tour you have the possibility to join a short walk of around 25 minutes with beautiful views on the city of Salzburg and some information about the city and afterwards to end the day at a typical Aaustrian brewery with a nice garden restaurant with the possibility to eat and drink something.

      ALSO A REMINDER for those who are staying at the guesthouse St. Benedikt that paying by credit card is NOT possible!

      Here are some links to two guesthouses (St. Benedikt and Priesterseminar) which you may like to consider :

      1. Haus St. Benedikt

      2. Gaestehaus Priesterseminar Salzburg

      Both are absolutely central (5 – 10 min walk to the venue)

      ATTACHED is more information on accommodation available.

      For speakers who need some technical requirements for their lecture: We have equipment for PowerPoint presentations. So you do not need to bring anything along with you (except your presentation of course). Notice that every speaker has 30 minutes time. 20 minutes are for presentation, 10 minutes for discussion. 

      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact  Mr. Cerny-Werner or Manuel Kuhn.

      We wish you all an enjoyable experience.




      Constant Mews


      Religious History Association

      on behalf of:

      Manuel Kuhn

      Studienassistent Fachbereich Bibelwissenschaften und Kirchengeschichte