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333Huguenot Society of Australia Conference and Dinner - November 2017

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  • haunton123.anna
    15 Aug
      Dear Colleagues

      Please see flyer attached for the forthcoming Huguenot Society of Australia's Conference and Dinner to be held on 4th November 2017

      Saturday 4 November

      Reformation Conference and Dinner

      The Huguenots: French Reformers

      Their Faith and Diaspora

      Venue: ’99 On York’, York St, Sydney

      10.0am – 6.00pm

      Dinner 6.00pm

      Keynote speaker: Dr Robyn Gwynn, former Associate Professor of History at Massey University, NZ. Dr Gwynn is the world authority on Huguenots in Britain

      FULL programme and registration details can be obtained at: https://huguenotsaustralia.org.au/our-society/activities/

      Enquiries to : Geoff Huard: gandchuard@optusnet.com.au

      Best regards



      Constant Mews


      Religious History Association