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Report on SIG Forum #2

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  • Rowan Bunning
    We had a second very constructive Agile Canberra SIG meeting on Wednesday night. Here are some action items and a summary of the night as I saw it. As usual,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2007
      We had a second very constructive Agile Canberra SIG meeting on
      Wednesday night. Here are some action items and a summary of the night
      as I saw it. As usual, feel free to comment, ask questions and correct
      any inaccuracies.

      Action Items

      1. The (non-copyrighted) portion of the Documentation mapping
      spreadsheet is to be posted on this forum for feedback - see the Files
      link. Rowan agreed to do this.

      2. The Alignment working group is to reconvene to progress its work to
      express the alignment of the two methods. This is to include some
      description of how the roles relate as well as a Venn diagram.

      3. The Documentation working group is to review and refine the mapping
      ideas so that they can be presented and discussed in detail at the
      next meeting.

      Minutes / Developments

      For those who didn't make it, some of the highlights were:

      1) John Howarth made the generous offer for Tanner James to sponsor
      the next three SIG meetings. This should help us to become
      self-sufficient on the wine, cheese and biscuits.

      2) We agreed to hold the next meeting on Wednesday November 7th at
      5:45pm for a 6pm start to the discussion.

      3) The Alignment working group presented on their work to-date. This
      prompted a lot of interesting discussion which lasted for the bulk of
      the session. A couple of points on how an Agile PRINCE2 project could
      be run were:

      a) there would be multiple agile iterations within a PRINCE2 Stage
      and/or Work Package; and

      b) delegated change authorisation (a feature of PRINCE2) is required
      for the Product Owner or equivalent role.

      4) The Documentation working group did a very brief presentation of
      where we are up to and what they plan to do.

      5) Regarding outcomes/products to produce, it was suggested that we
      need to address at least a couple of different audience groups with
      different sort of material:
      a) Executives etc. - overall pictures of how PRINCE2 and Agile work
      together e.g. Venn-style affinity diagram (showing siblings, cousins
      etc. in Lawrie's terminology)
      b) Project Managers etc. - blueprint-style guidance on practices and
      how the methods are tailored to fit together (e.g. agile - PRINCE2
      document mapping guidance)

      6) Lawrie Kirk suggested that we develop a Glossary of terms and this
      appeared to have strong support.

      7) John Howarth asked if anyone has connections with an organisation
      that may be interested in using an agile PRINCE2 approach. Please get
      in contact with John if you do.

      8) Some other interesting topics that came up (that were a little too
      off-topic to spend time on) included:
      * What do we mean by horizontal vs vertical scope and how do we
      describe what needs to be defined early and what doesn't?
      * How can we do distributed development with Agile?
      * Benefits realisation - possible questions: how does it fit in with
      what we are discussing and what guidance should we give?

      9) Rowan extended an invitation to join a number of people interested
      in Agile at the ACS' IT in the Pub event on Friday October 26th from
      5:30pm at Mooseheads. This is an opportunity to support some others
      working in Government in getting started with agile practices as well
      as to encourage more to join the Agile Canberra SIG.

      See you on November 7th if not before.
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