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The Grove of Magick & Witchaven's Annual Summer Picnic

Greetings all Please join us in celebrating summer and the gorgeous weather at our annual summer picnic! This is also a good time to catch up with friends you
Jan 27, 2008

Filming in Taupiri tomorrow....

Merry Meet everyone This is a late invitation to ask all pagans and witches if they would gather tomorrow in Taupiri (just North of Ngaruawahia) at 4.00pm for
Mar 17, 2006

Re: [North Shore Circle of Light]

Well I haven't been on the computer for ages and now I see a whole lot of posts. I happen to live in Christchurch but I moved here on a short term basis and I
Dec 31, 2005

Re: [North Shore Circle of Light] Hi There

You said, "Yes this group is still active, however not many people post unfortunately..." Does that mean you communicate in another way? ... are
Dec 28, 2005

Re: [North Shore Circle of Light] Hi There

Hey there how are you all, Well I didnt expect to see these emails pop up, I had heard the group had just disapeared into the mist , But Hey presto you are all
amy linton
Dec 28, 2005

Re: [North Shore Circle of Light] Hi There

Hi all Yes this group is still active, however not many people post unfortunately, but your input is welcome. I'm not sure if there are members from
Dec 27, 2005

Re: [North Shore Circle of Light] Hi There

Yes but some memebers aren't in Auckland hence why I asked. What letter would that be? About attending meetings? Pity I wasn't in Auckland myself or we could
Dec 27, 2005

Re: [North Shore Circle of Light] Hi There

Hi, This is supposed to be an Auckland group but I have not had any replies to my letter. Am not sure if this group is still active. Natalie From: "xemil_666"
butterfly jupiter
Dec 27, 2005

Hi There

Hi there! I noticed this is supposed to be a Auckland North Shore group but I was wondering if anyone from Christchurch has filtered into this group. Hopefully
Dec 26, 2005

Re: [North Shore Circle of Light] Is Anybody there?

I would like to attend any meetings that might come up. natalie From: "Jacqui" Reply-To: northshorecircleoflight@yahoogroups.com.au To:
butterfly jupiter
Nov 27, 2005

Re: [North Shore Circle of Light] Re: Is Anybody there?

Awesome! What about going us all going on a scouting mission to look for new/suitable places? Im happy to scout places in my area (Glenfield,
Nov 26, 2005

Re: Is Anybody there?

Hi Jacqui There has been meetings going on, on sundays since the yule ball at the patriot. However we are still trying to find a better place to meet at, as
Nov 26, 2005

Is Anybody there?

Hi... Ive realised that since cauldron Chat has closed theres a HUGE void in our spiritual community. All the lovely folk that I met have just dissapeared and
Nov 26, 2005

Sangoma is here!

Salutations one and all... For those who remember me/Athene from "Cauldron Chat" I told you that my Mom is coming to New Zealand, well at last shes here!! At
Nov 13, 2005

Re: CauldronChat Closing

Sorry All A bright warm welcome back to Lily, glad to have you back with us! As Lily has said, her online shop is still up and running so please feel free to
Oct 17, 2005
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