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  • patrice
    Apr 21, 2008
      Hi again M'Liss,
      Yes that makes more since to me, thank you very much for that, he seems to get more exercise on the foot when out of the tape during the day, I had thought it would be better to have tape at night, and more flexibility during the day. But then wondered if he needed the support of it on while he was getting around. So glad that's been cleared up!! Patrice
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      Subject: Re: [nzclubfoot] Re: 7 month update

      Hi Patrice,

      Thanks for the encouraging words.  That is great that you are stimulating that outer muscle, I have learned it is a very important exercise.


      Here, they are left in tape at night and weaned out of it during the day, it is thought that during the day they are more apt to break through the tape (it won't hold the foot in place) once they are cruising (walking around holding on to objects/furniture) and, at night, the foot at rest is held in the corrected position because if not, they tend to straigten the foot and turn it in instead of working hard to keep it in the corrected position.


      I hope this is helpful.  Keep up the great work!


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      Subject: [nzclubfoot] Re: 7 month update

      Hi M'liss

      WOW!!! You are so inspiring. What amazing results. It's so good to
      know that the physio method can achieve these results in young
      children too and not just babies.
      I do the stroking of Romany's outer foot,as well as under his toes,
      my osteo said that it helps with toe grip.I'v started weening him out
      of the tape,is this best done at night or day? I started leaving it
      off at night?
      You keep up the great work,Patrice

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      > Hi Patrice,
      > Thank you for asking about the girls, I do have alot to brag about
      right now, and I am not sure where I left off. Meg, my 6yo, saw the
      ortho surg. and is no longer considered a surgical candidate. On her
      left foot she has 7-8 degrees of dorsiflexion and on her right (the
      tighter foot) she has 6-7 (normal is 10). She is putting her left
      heel down when she walks about 40% of the time and about 20% of the
      time on the right. Morgan, my 3yo, turns out her outer muscles were
      weaker than Meg's and she had 3 degrees of dorsiflexion on the left
      and 0 on the right, but after a few short weeks, she has about 5
      degrees of dorsiflexion on both feet and her evertor (outer leg
      muscles) are still weak on the left, but getting stronger and much
      stronger on the right. With clubfeet, the outer muscles are just
      inherently weaker and my girls started with stiff feet. I wish we
      had been exercising them all along instead of letting nature take
      its' course. The ortho
      > surgeon was so happy with their feet that he took pictures of them
      performing yoga poses. Meg's heel bone used to stick out very
      prominently on both feet, and now her feet look almost normal, like
      there was nothing ever wrong.
      > Morgan's biggest issue is that she is 3 and she doesn't always want
      to do the exercises and we have to come up with fun ways to get them
      done. If she doesn't do them, after she is asleep I exercise her
      feet and stimulate her outer muscles by running my finger along the
      outer side of her foot and she pulls her foot up in response. You
      probably are, but if not, you can do this exercise now with Romany to
      help strengthen and keep his muscles strong (by the way, he should
      respond when awake). I did this on both girls as a baby, but had
      stopped when they started walking.
      > Thanks again for asking about the girls, they have made such great
      progress in a short amount of time that we are very hopeful to avoid
      surgery completely.
      > Have a great day!
      > M'Liss
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      > Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2008 1:36:26 AM
      > Subject: [nzclubfoot] Re: 7 month update
      > Hi M'Liss,
      > Thanks so much for your encouragement certainly feels like a mile
      > stone! How are your girls getting on? Patrice
      > --- In nzclubfoot@yahoogro ups.com.au, MLiss Daigle <m_daigle@ .>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Patrice,
      > > I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing.
      > That is great that Romany is pulling up and flat-footed. Does his
      > back heel bone feel down with the bottom part out? This was always
      > huge milestone with the french method because they start using
      > own weight and gravity to assist in pushing the heel down.
      > >
      > > Here, x-rays are only done as part of a study comparing Ponsetti
      > French Method at 2yo (I think this is the age). They are thought
      > to provide any useful info. since the ligaments, tendons, and
      > are the involved tissues.
      > >
      > > Congratulations! !
      > > M'Liss
      > >
      > >
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      > > From: Patrice <wbcottage@ ..>
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      > > Sent: Friday, April 18, 2008 5:10:13 AM
      > > Subject: [nzclubfoot] 7 month update
      > >
      > > Hi all,
      > > I thought it was about time I posted an update. Romany is now
      > standing
      > > and walking around furniture, most of the time he is flat-footed
      > which
      > > is really promising! Haven't had much sleep lately with him
      > two
      > > teeth at a time..but you get that. I'm just so pleased he is
      > standing
      > > so no complaints. Hey M'Liss can you tell me if it is standard
      > practise
      > > over there to have x rays done? I kind off wish that I had
      > of
      > > it earlier so as to compare the results know. Patrice
      > >

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