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22we need help

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  • joamreinpalairet
    Aug 14, 2008
      Hi there I am looking for someone in NZ who may no of anyone who has
      any ideas of ways in correcting club feet the non surgical way. Our
      daughter Emily who is 6 years of age has bilateral clubfeet. Emily has
      a unique connective tissue dysplasia. We have chosen not to correct
      her clubfeet surgically as there is a very high chance she could lose
      them. She is very mobile and can walk very well on her ankles. We
      have tried serial casting and have had some good results but
      unfortunately it became to painful for her and the orthopaedic
      surgeons weren't willing to back off a little with the stretching so
      we pulled out. We are looking for someone here in New Zealand that may
      no of anyone that would be willing to help us get Emily walking on the
      flats of her feet as best they can , we are not looking for perfection
      but we do believe we can get her feet function a little better than
      they are with some gentle stretching of some sort. Look forward to
      hearing ideas from you all.
      regards Jo
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