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  • Hi Patrice, Thanks for the encouraging words. That is great that you are stimulating that outer muscle, I have learned it is a very important exercise. Here, they are left in tape at night and weaned out of it during the day, it is thought that during the day they are more apt to break through the tape (it won't hold the foot in place) once they are cruising (walking around holding...
    MLiss Daigle Apr 21, 2008
  • Hi Patrice, Thank you for asking about the girls, I do have alot to brag about right now, and I am not sure where I left off. Meg, my 6yo, saw the ortho surg. and is no longer considered a surgical candidate. On her left foot she has 7-8 degrees of dorsiflexion and on her right (the tighter foot) she has 6-7 (normal is 10). She is putting her left heel down when she walks about 40...
    MLiss Daigle Apr 20, 2008
  • Hi Patrice, I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. That is great that Romany is pulling up and flat-footed. Does his back heel bone feel down with the bottom part out? This was always a huge milestone with the french method because they start using their own weight and gravity to assist in pushing the heel down. Here, x-rays are only done as part of a study...
    MLiss Daigle Apr 19, 2008