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  • Hello everyone, I hope everythings going well? I thought it was about time I updated my photo's of Romany's foot.I am so pleased that I have had such great results. How are you and your girls M'Liss? Would you be able to put a link in to the scottishrite hospital, we have a new member...welcome Terance! I bought a D.V.D from the hospital which I have recomended. And hi Ann, what do...
    wbcottage@xtra.co.nz Mar 30, 2010
  • Hi Juliyette, Welcome to our group feel free to start a topic or tell us were your at with treatment.Patrice
    Patrice Sep 4, 2008
  • Hi Jo Welcome to the group, I have sent you email with some info, but just to add if you are living any were near Tauranga I'm more than willing to help you. Be in touch again soon.Patrice ps have a look at the photos and links on the left. --- In nzclubfoot@^$1, "joamreinpalairet" wrote: > > Hi there I am looking for someone in NZ who may no of anyone who has > any ideas of ways...
    Patrice Aug 15, 2008
  • Welcome Robin, Feel free to start a conversation and share your experience with clubfoot.Patrice
    Patrice Jul 21, 2008
  • Hi everyone Healthy Options mag have printed my story!! Patrice
    Patrice Jul 9, 2008
  • Hi again M'Liss, Yes that makes more since to me, thank you very much for that, he seems to get more exercise on the foot when out of the tape during the day, I had thought it would be better to have tape at night, and more flexibility during the day. But then wondered if he needed the support of it on while he was getting around. So glad that's been cleared up!! Patrice...
    patrice Apr 21, 2008
  • Hi M'liss WOW!!! You are so inspiring. What amazing results. It's so good to know that the physio method can achieve these results in young children too and not just babies. I do the stroking of Romany's outer foot,as well as under his toes, my osteo said that it helps with toe grip.I'v started weening him out of the tape,is this best done at night or day? I started leaving it off...
    Patrice Apr 21, 2008
  • Hi M'Liss, Thanks so much for your encouragement certainly feels like a mile stone! How are your girls getting on? Patrice --- In nzclubfoot@^$1, MLiss Daigle wrote: > > Hi Patrice, > I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. That is great that Romany is pulling up and flat-footed. Does his back heel bone feel down with the bottom part out? This was always a...
    Patrice Apr 19, 2008
  • Hi all, I thought it was about time I posted an update. Romany is now standing and walking around furniture, most of the time he is flat-footed which is really promising! Haven't had much sleep lately with him cutting two teeth at a time..but you get that. I'm just so pleased he is standing so no complaints. Hey M'Liss can you tell me if it is standard practise over there to have x...
    Patrice Apr 18, 2008
  • Hiya, I have heard back from the Healthy Options Mag today and my story will be published on the 8th of July, if there are any cancelations it will be bought forward, hope you will all buy a copy! Patrice ----- Original Message ----- From: heather To: nzclubfoot@^$1 Sent: Monday, March 10, 2008 7:06 AM Subject: [nzclubfoot] Re: Healthy Options --- In nzclubfoot@yahoogroups..com.au...
    patrice Mar 9, 2008