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  • Ken & Audrey Turville
    Jun 25, 2005
      Dear Kevin,
      Just a note to say how much we are all missing each other.
      Edward and I met at Maria's last Sat. Now Edward has a friend over from Seoul and they will be testing the ground looking to start a restaurant in the future. So Edward will contact us when he is free again. We had a very fruitful lesson with Edward, he is working so well using an internet programme.
      Patricia tells me that Dianne Lewks is going to her home next Friday, taking two grandchildren with her.  Dianne has offered to do a class whilst she is here. I think she is en-route to Lismore.  I spoke with Maria last night and she reminded me that next Friday night is out "cheapie" theatre night to see "An Ideal Husband" by Oscar Wilde. So I will leave it with Patricia to see how long Dianne will be here and if we can arrange something.
      I have had a bad virus this last week so had to excuse myself from visiting Maria. I usually get on episode a year and I sure hope that was it because I wouldn't want to do another like that.  Anyway except for loss of smell, taste and appetite I am almost back in business.  As you can see Kevin, you ain't missing much.
      I emailed Kay Anderson to say we were rather unstable at this time,(I gave your sincere reasons and apologies) and asked that we keep everything in abeyance until we meet again at Janet's, hopefully in July.
      I do hope you are not working too hard and that everything is going well with helping to settle your sister's family.
      Trust you are finding time to renew relationships and are having lots of fun together.
      Will let you know if anything eventuates.
      Much love   Audrey