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28Fw: Re Learning Esperanto.

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  • Ken & Audrey Turville
    Nov 16, 2005
      Dear Kevin
      Isn't this good?. So pleased they are able to get on Saturday. Wonder if it
      is Kep Enderby who gave them the initial learning materail? Will report
      back after Saturday
      Love Audrey
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      From: "Minton Family" <mintonfamily@...>
      To: "Ken & Audrey Turville" <auville@...>
      Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2005 6:38 AM
      Subject: Re Learning Esperanto.

      > Hello Audrey,
      > Thanks for the reply, we would be glad to accept your offer and pop up to
      > Brisbane on Saturday afternoon and meet the group! We are actually
      > interested
      > in our two girls, 12/17 learning Esperanto as well but think we will save
      > the
      > regular meetups for us adults.
      > As far as becoming aware of Esperanto? I spend a lot of time on the
      > internet,
      > a lot, and became aware about 3 years ago. I had bit of a dabble while we
      > resided in Darwin, the NT, even going so far as to contact a gentleman
      > named
      > Kip, who had bene involved in Esperanto in Australia for a long time. Kip
      > was
      > gracious enough to send me some Esperanto Literature that was dated back
      > to
      > 1906, in these marvellous old bindings!
      > I have always been interested in languages and Skye only recently so, but
      > the
      > difficult task was trying to establish which one to focus on. One of our
      > goals is to do The Camino walk through France/Spain as a couple in a few
      > years into the future. Initially we were going to learn Spanish, however
      > it
      > will take quite a while to become even conversationally fluent.
      > At the moment we do not know any Esperanto nor are we currently learning
      > it,
      > so this will be a vey new experience for us both. The prospect of learning
      > another language and being able to speak to a good standard in a
      > relatively
      > short period of time is exciting.
      > The meeting on Saturday notwithstanding, we are interested in the
      > potential
      > for meetings in Southport, subject to circumstances. Well, that's all for
      > now, we look forward to meeting Maria and yourself on Saturday in the
      > city.
      > regards, Ben and Skye.
      > On Wed, 16 Nov 2005 06:02, you wrote:
      >> Dear Ben and Skye
      >> Sorry for the delay. Computer was stacked away whilst having the carpets
      >> cleaned.
      >> Wonderful to hear from you and we are delighted that you are interested
      >> in
      >> learning Esperanto.
      >> Here on the coast we have only two Esperantists regularly getting
      >> together
      >> so as you can inagine we would be very happy to assist. If you are free
      >> this Saturday afternoon to attend a regular conversation group get
      >> together, it would enable you to meet up with some of the Brisbane
      >> friends.
      >> Maria and I would be there too. This way would make it possible for you
      >> to
      >> choose whichever would be better options for you.
      >> This meeting happens once a month at - Janet McLelland's home, Apartment
      >> 706, Quay West, 132 Alice Street, Brisbane, (facing the Botanical
      >> Gardens)
      >> and it will be happening this Saturday, the 19th. at 2 oclock. I have
      >> informed them that you are seeking to learn Esperanto and be assured
      >> everyone would welcome you.
      >> If you cannot make it please get back to me and, with consultation, Maria
      >> and I will endeavour to get a class going, which is usually in my home in
      >> Southport.
      >> I would be very interested to know how you got to know about Esperanto
      >> and
      >> whether you are in the process of learning it already.
      >> Saluton from Audrey
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      >> Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005 10:18 AM
      >> Subject: Greetings! Interested in Learning Esperanto.
      >> > Hello Audrey,
      >> >
      >> > My name is Ben and my wife's is Skye and we are both interested in
      >> > learning
      >> > Esperanto.
      >> >
      >> > Could you please provide us some information as to where/when/how etc
      >> > the
      >> > Gold
      >> > Coast Esperantists meet?
      >> >
      >> > As we reside in Loganholme, we are essentially equidistant between
      >> > Brisbane
      >> > and the Gold Coast but would like to attend where the environment is
      >> > casual
      >> > and learning friendly.
      >> >
      >> > Any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
      >> >
      >> > Regards, Ben and Skye.