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37Re: [AEASS] participants

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  • Dianne Lukes
    Jun 18, 2006
      Dear Miranda,

      Another batch! The interested people start with Claude
      Piron! You will notice I also have groups here which
      I think could bear fruit!

      Anyone who doesn't want information about Esperanto
      Summer Schools in Australia should please contasct
      either Miranda or me and we will take you off the

      Below are a couple to take off the 2nd list:

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      errors -----
      (reason: 550 5.1.1 User unknown)

      Bob Felby also sent this:

      Karaj Miranda kaj Diano!
      La retadresoj de Donald Broadribb kaj Suda Kruco
      estas malghustaj:
      sekvas la ghustaj:



      --- mirandalutz <mirandalutz@...> wrote:

      > Saluton All,
      > Robert was asking me for a list of email addresses
      > of part participants of previous
      > summerschools. However, I don't have such a list and
      > it would take me quite a while to create
      > one therefore I am hoping we could do a joint effort
      > and send email addresses that we know
      > to Robert so he can contact people directly.
      > I think this is a good place to do this as this
      > group includes people who are interested in
      > making successful esperanto events
      > (summerschools/congresses etc). Your help would be
      > appreciated.
      > Amike
      > Miranda