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Doctor Holt petition

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  • Ken & Audrey Turville
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2005

      > Hi
      > Recently A Current Affair aired a story on Perth based surgeon
      Dr John
      > Holt, whom many believe has the cure for
      > The NHMRC is conducting a review of Dr Holt's method of
      cancer treatment
      > Microwave Cancer Therapy. The original date for the
      review was to be
      > provided to the Minister for Health by 21st December
      2004, this deadline
      > passed and then another was set and another passed
      and so on.
      > These delays have resulted in Dr Holt, who is 80
      years of age and who has
      > cured thousands of people of many forms of
      cancer is closing his practice
      > on 30th June 2005. This will be a real
      tragedy especially to all of his
      > patients and potential patients when
      conventional medicine tells them
      > there is nothing that can be
      > Please help ordinary Australians who finally have a chance
      to beat cancer
      > keep this treatment here.
      > We the
      undersigned demand that the Australian Government, and Department
      > of
      Health and Ageing, act swiftly and responsibly to ensure that, this
      treatment and its founder be acknowledged and accepted as a real form of
      > cancer treatment.
      > INSTRUCTIONS - Please number and
      place your name at the end of this list.
      > Then forward this email to all
      of your contacts who believe in the right
      > to life. If you are the 50th
      person on this list, please forward this
      > email to the Minister
      of Health & Ageing, Tony Abbott :
      face="Times New Roman" size=3>Tony.AbbottMP@... ; tony.abbott@...;
      > and then clear the list of names back
      to number 1, place your name there
      > and forward to all of your
      > To keep this clean .. please 'Blind Carbon Copy' Bcc
      (if you can) -
      > otherwise please just forward to all your
      > Yours in Good Health!
      > Thank you for
      your assistance in attempting to save Doctor Holt and
      > thousands of
      cancer sufferers lives.
      >>>1. Anne Weeks
      Di Jeffs
      >>>3. Pat Jeffs
      >>>4. Katelyn
      >>>5. Andrew Jeffs
      >>>6. Fran
      >>>7. Frank Jell
      >>>8. Daniel
      >>>9. Dorothy M. Bowes
      >>>10. Veronica
      >>>11.Lidwien Bryars
      >>>16.Bona Kaimuko
      >>>18.D Kelly
      >>>19.D Whitford
      >>>21.G Woodhouse
      >>>23.Denise L Woodhouse
      >>>25.Thomas Hayes
      >>>27.Ken Turville
      - it is what it is and it's all there is!

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