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the start of the year

Dear Student Life people! There is a "training and vision" evening at my house on this Thursday night the 19th of Feb at 5pm. A BBQ will be in full operation,
Feb 16, 2004

can you help?

Can anyone help with this? Could you please do us a big favour? We have a flat of 3 christian girls in Dunedin but are desperately seeking one more! Wanted:
Feb 15, 2004

Fwd: flat seeking

hey! i received this from a friend's sister. she's looking for a flat down here next year, preferably 2nd yr christian girls. anyone know of such a place?
Celia Tarry
Oct 29, 2003

Student Life commissioning night

The end of year commissioning dinner for our student life graduating students is tomorrow night, so i hope you haven't forotten! Please bring a plate of food
Oct 13, 2003

God Week, and how you can help. Part 2.

Hey A brief amendment to the message wot I just sent - rather than come to the Upper Room @ 10, 11, 12, and 1 it may be better if everyone turns up @ 10
Aug 11, 2003

God Week, and how you can help.

Hey yall!! As you should know, this week at the moment is Christianity Awareness Week. There's a whole lotta random as stuff going on all over campus and
Michael Tarry
Aug 11, 2003

Connected - the first big thing of the semester.

Hello! Welcome back to the second semester at this lovely saltmine called Otago....... if you were at Conference, you're probably real tired but blissfully
Jul 14, 2003


Yo! This is a brief note to yall who are attending Southern Conference. I really really hope you get this email in time, and I apologise for lateness in
Jul 3, 2003

Urgent!Need help!

Hi It's me Sean.Sorry about that--- Last time I post a letter to ask for a room.Thanks for those rooms that offered by you guys.However they are not too
Jul 3, 2003

girls night out update

hey! change of plans re girls night out - it will now be NEXT friday (13th june) NOT this friday! still 7pm, still clubs and socs (evision lounge) plus.....
Celia Tarry
Jun 9, 2003

for the ladies only!

hey girls! on friday night @7pm @clubs and socs, there's going to be a 'girls night out' to celebrate the end of lectures! there'll be ice cream sculpting, and
Celia Tarry
Jun 9, 2003

Conference! Conference! Conference!

Sup yall! "Stand", the Student Life Southern Conference is coming up real soon! In five weeks time, @ Lytellton, @ Living Springs, there'll be the first ever
studentlife_otago <studentlife_otago@yaho
May 29, 2003

Fundraising survey ($10 each) Friday 30th May 7pm

more regarding the $10 survey. if you're keen then get onto michelle asap! celia ... _________________________________________________________________
Celia Tarry
May 21, 2003

looking for a flat.Urgent!!!

Hi.I'm looking for a flat that can move in next month. below 90 dollars a week. close 2 Uni fully furnished. Plus I'm an International student,male. Please
skadskkode <skadskkode@...>
May 18, 2003

Opportunity to fundraise - $10 per person surveyed

hey! i got this from greg hughson, the chaplain. it's a quick and easy ten bucks! (eat ya heart out sly!) from celia ...
Celia Tarry
May 18, 2003
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