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3/8/2013 1:28:18 AM

http://www.reik-heizungen.com/ytbo/rnqulvx/rmnrqtyf/hanmjtm/heseckwkmgfy alison talbot 3/8/2013 1:28:18 AM [Non-text portions of this message have been
alison talbot
Mar 7, 2013

My new axolotls and my many questions...

Hello everyone, I am the new proud owner of 3 and about to be 4 baby axolotls.all about 2 to 3 inches long. i have read many page on their requirements and
Feb 18, 2013

Follow My axolotls

Thought i would share some info and images of My axololts My second batch of eggs, follow their development
Gordon in Manchester
Dec 25, 2011

Re: My baby axolotls.

Hi, the trick is to give them as much food as possible, so much so that they swim blindly into it!!!! when you say one is disabled,...what do you mean? often
alison talbot
Aug 17, 2010

My baby axolotls.

Hi, i have 6 baby axololts, i think one is disabled and dying:( But anyway i need as much information as you can possibly give me! I need to know everything
Aug 17, 2010

Re: baby axolotls

thank you for your email and the suggestion for the other group. Ive taken leila to the vet but unfortunately my vet doesnt know anything about them but he did
Christie Booth
Nov 25, 2009

Re: baby axolotls

Might I suggest trying a more active group -> http://www.caudata.org/forum/ if you scroll down there is a forum dedicated to axolotls.. they are very helpful.
Schumacher Ag Services
Nov 24, 2009

baby axolotls

i brought two baby axolotls two weeks ago and i have one that constantly floats on the top of the tank except for when its eating, and hasnt grown in size but
Nov 24, 2009


Hi all out there. I have had my Axolotl for about 8 months now, I bought him from a pet shop as a lil fella and he(i think he's a he)has grown well. However
Nov 16, 2008


Hello everyone i am Cam i have only just got my first axie, I hope to learn as much as i can. Thank you Cam Get the name you always wanted with the new y7mail
Cam Ken
Jun 15, 2008


Hi guys, Hope you are all well. I'm very new to the Axolotl world, i got my first two on saturday. I have been told that they are adult and that i can feed
Feb 12, 2008

About to purchase some Axolotyl .

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any hints and tips on how to care for these babies. I have read a lot of general stuff on the net but was hoping that someone
Jun 18, 2007

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tears night
Mar 31, 2007

I am very interested in your yahoo profile!!

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Jan 22, 2007

Axies losing toes?

Hi there! I've an axie, almost 5 years old -rene- , white albino, and 1 week ago I've noticed that one of his toes on the front hands was shorter.... a couple
Aug 21, 2006
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